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<../..> mutually exclusive parameters


Scroll up;<y1>;<y2>;<delay>[;fadeawayheight]

Scroll down;<y1;<y2;<delay>[;fadeawayheight]


Style Modifiers:

\n soft break (only valid with \q2, gets replaced with soft space in other wrap modes)

\N hard break

\h hard space

Between {...}:

\b<0/1/weight> bold

\i<0/1> italic

\u<0/1> underline

\s<0/1> strikeout

\bord<width> border

\shad<depth> shadow

\be<0/1> blur edges

\fn<name> font

\fs<size> size

\fsc<x/y><percent> scale

\fsp<pixels> spacing

\fr[<x/y/z>]<degrees> rotation

\fe<charset> character set

\c&H<bbggrr>& primary color

\<1/2/3/4>c&H<bbggrr>& primary/secondary/outline/shadow color

\alpha&H<aa>& primary alpha

\<1/2/3/4>a&H<aa>& primary/secondary/outline/shadow alpha

\a[n]<alignment> ssa alignment type (n - numpad layout)

\k[<f/o>]<duration> karaoke (f - filled from left to right, o - outline highlighting)

\K same as \kf

\q<0-3> wrap style (0,3 - even lines, 1 - endofline, 2 - manual)

\r[<name>] loads default (or <name>) style

\t([<t1>,<t2>,][<accel>,]<style modifiers>) animation, accel: 0->1 slowing, 1->.. accelerating



\org(<x>,<y>) changes the origin of the transformations (scaling, rotation), always use \pos instead of \org to manually position the subs

\fade(<a1>,<a2>,<a3>,<t1>,<t2>,<t3>,<t4>) fadein: t1 -> t2, fadeout: t3 -> t4

\fad(<t1>,<t2>) fadein: start -> start+t1, fadeout: end-t2 -> end

\clip(<x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2>) clips drawing outside the given rectangle

\clip([<scale>,]<some drawings>) clips by intersecting with the drawn shape


\p<0/1/..> turns on/off drawing mode (0 - off, 1.. - on)

\pbo<y> baseline offset

Between {\p<1/..>} and {\p0}:

m <x> <y> move to

n <x> <y> move to (doesn't close)

l <x> <y> line to

b <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> <x3> <y3> bezier to

s <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> <x3> <y3> .. <xN> <yN> b-spline to (uniform)

p <x> <y> extend b-spline

c close b-spline