Prass (Command Line Timing Post Processor)

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Console processor for ASS subtitles.

Feature requests and any kind of feedback are welcome.


Imagine you've got a few dozens of subtitle files and you want to apply TPP to each of them, and maybe also restyle one of the files and use the same group of styles for everything else. This script allows you to easily do it from console so you don't have to suffer with Aegisub.


The main script is called and it provides a few commands for working with subtitles.

 # to convert subtitles from SRT to ASS
  prass convert-srt -o output.ass
 # to copy styles from one ASS script to another
  prass copy-styles --from template.ass --to input.ass -o output.ass
 # to sort an ASS script
  prass sort input.ass --by time -o output.ass
 # to run tpp
  prass tpp input.ass -s default,alt --lead-in 100 --lead-out 200 --keyframes kfs.txt --fps 23.976 --kf-before-start 150 --kf-after-start 150
 # to cleanup a script
  prass cleanup --comments --empty-lines --styles input.ass -o output.ass
 # to shift start time back by 1 minute and 10 seconds
  prass shift --start --by -1:10 input.ass -o output.ass

Some parameters are not mentioned - just run prass --help or prass %command% --help to see the full docs.


Prass more or less supports pipes and allows you to do fun stuff like

prass convert-srt | prass copy-styles --from template.ass | prass sort --by time | prass tpp --overlap 150 --gap 150 -o out.ass

If you don't provide some file arguments, most commands will use stdin/stdout by default. They will also do this if you provide "-" as file paths.


Prass should work on OS X, Linux and Windows without any problems, both on Python 2.7.x and Python 3.x (but py2 is preferable). Right now the only dependency is Click. Assuming you have python and pip, just run:

  pip install git+